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EASTER TREATS: Original Comedy - Sitcom Shorts: Florrie and Dotty Series 2 - Episode 1: Queen of Tarts

April 02, 2021 MIM
Distinct Nostalgia
EASTER TREATS: Original Comedy - Sitcom Shorts: Florrie and Dotty Series 2 - Episode 1: Queen of Tarts
Show Notes

Back by popular demand, we've a new series of original sitcom shorts from northern gossips' Florrie and Dotty this Easter. Janice Fryett and Lindsay Eavis star as they get to grips with everything from 'permitted exercise', bending 'the rules' Bridgerton-inspired sexual experimentation, designer vaginas, Mother's Day and misogyny. 

Series 2
Episode 1 - Queen of Tarts

Florrie and Dotty catch up in February with 'walk and talk' during permitted exercise. They chat about bending 'the rules', 'first-footing', Bridgerton-inspired sexual experimentation and designer vaginas.

Florrie....Janice Fryett
Dotty.......Lindsay Eavis

Written by  Janice Fryett

A Spinney Audio Production
A Distinct Comedy Presentation

About Florrie & Dotty
are two ladies in their sixties who blend past and present with their unique sense of humour and way with words. They love a cuppa (and something stronger), a nice sweet fancy and will have a sideswipe at anything from the neighbours to social issues, sexuality and social media. They live in neat stone built terraces houses in a (northern) street near you.

About Janice Fryett - actor/writer 

Janice spent many years as a teacher, mother, writer and singer and trained as an actor in her fifties at ICAT Manchester, graduating in July 2017, since when she has worked in most areas of the industry. Janice originated the role of Carol Atkins in the musical play The Jury at The Brindley Runcorn in 2018 and Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London in Feb 2020 (eight FOUR STAR reviews and nominated for an ‘Offy’). She has appeared in four TVcommercials, short films, radio plays, dance theatre narration and fringe theatre in Oldham Coliseum, Liverpool Everyman, Storyhouse Chester and pub theatre.

About  Lindsay Eavis - actor

Lindsay has been performing since she was 4 years old. As a child she trained as a dancer and at 16 won a place at ArtsEdin London. Despite several breaks due to family commitments, her career has taken her all over the country and into Europe. She has worked professionally in serious drama, comedy, pantomime, TIE and television. Aside from her acting work she pursued a career as a Trainer in the NHS and was involved in the local amateur scene as actor, director, teacher and choreographer.

For further info, contact Janice and Lindsay via [email protected]

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